AS THE LARGEST IMPORTER OF BULK OLIVE OIL IN THE UNITED STATES, our mission, goal and purpose are simple. Whether it be one bottle, one gallon, one drum, one tote, or one tanker of olive oil, AMD delivers it to you with service, quality and dependability. If a manufacturer is using olive oil as an ingredient, AMD is servicing them on some level.

  • BRCGS Certified
  • AMD has 4 GFSI Certified trained employees handling all aspects of food safety and customer requests to supplier and logistic compliance.
  • We personally visit  the olive oil plant on an annual basis and we have on record the plant’s HACCP and GFSI certification.
  • You can be assured that we have examined the plant’s sourcing, crushing, refining, production, analysis, and packaging facilities.
  • AMD meets personally with the plant’s personnel and operations.
  • Traceability starts at the tree. Our suppliers need to trace the oil they supply us back to a specific grower.
  • QC/QA/SCI processes are followed from the tree all the way to our oil’s final destination. ALL phases of supply chain are checked and certified to be following our standards and requirements.
  • We ensure that all facilities and products meet the highest standards in terms of GFSI standards recognized kosher status.
  • AMD has its own freight offices in each exporting country, which handle the transportation of your products. In each country local personnel communicate daily with our office and suppliers to ensure prompt service and integrity of the supply chain.
  • Upon arrival in the United States, all shipments are analyzed by our distributors. Additionally, one out of every five shipments is sent out for intensive and independent testing by an International Olive Oil Council accredited lab. This procedure enables our customers to be sure that the product they receive is of the highest quality and one that they can rely on.

AMD Oil Sales is proud to be a member of the North American Olive Oil Association

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