At Sunny Dell Foods, quality is the key word. All mushrooms used are subjected to repeated inspections as they pass through the plant. Our company and growers continually work in developing new processing techniques and ways of growing the best mushrooms possible.

Critical control factor checks are conducted throughout the day. Quality checks include can seam teardowns, drained weights, microbiological tests, color, texture, uniformity of size, symmetry, and flavor. Only after all tests have been completed and the results certified is the product shipped to the customer.

Sunny Dell is a family-owned operation located in the heart of mushroom country. It was established in 1994 by its founder Gary Caligiuri. He is a true visionary and the backbone of its success. With his extensive knowledge, acquired at a very young age, Sunny Dell has become one of the finest and most reputable companies in the mushroom industry.

Available Products

Shelf-Stable Mushrooms:

  • Marinated Mushrooms Regular – 4/1, 12/8oz, 12/12oz, 12/16oz, 1/28 gallon pail
  • Marinated Mushrooms Premium – 4/1, 12/28oz, 12/12oz, 12/16oz, 1/28 gallon pail
  • Pickled Mushrooms – 4/1, 12/8oz, 12/12oz, 12/16oz, 1/28 gallon pail
  • Garlic Italian Mushrooms – 12/12oz, 12/8oz
  • Sweet Italian Mushrooms – 121/12oz, 12/8oz
  • Herb Italian Mushrooms – 12/12oz, 12/8oz
  • Italian Mushroom Salad – 12/12oz, 12/8oz
  • Sliced Portobello and Roasted Peppers – 12/12oz

Refrigerated Mushrooms:

  • Garlic Italian Mushrooms – 2/1 gallon
  • Sweet Italian Mushrooms – 2/1 gallon
  • Teriyaki Mushrooms – 2/1 gallon
  • Dill Pickled Mushrooms – 2/1 gallon
  • Hot Garlic Mushrooms – 2/1 gallon
  • Italian Mushroom Salad – 2/1 gallon
  • Mexican Jalapeno Mushrooms – 2/1 gallon
  • Sliced Portabello and Roasted Peppers – 2/1 gallon
  • Portabello Mushroom Caps – 2/1 gallons

Canned Mushrooms, Imported:

  • Stems and Pieces – 24/4oz, 24/8oz, 12/16oz, 6/10
  • Sliced – 24/4oz, 6/10

Canned Mushrooms, Domestic:

  • Stems and Pieces – 24/4oz, 24/8oz, 6/10
  • Sliced – 24/4oz, 6/10