Avocado Oil (Refined)

DESCRIPTIONThe fatty Avocado Oil is obtained by pure mechanical pressing from the fruit pulp of the ripe Avocado pear (Persea Americana, resp. Persea Gratissima). The cold filtration (winterization) can improve the cold stability (turbity) at certain temperatures.
ORIGIN:Spain, Mexico and Kenya – Certificate of Origin provided by supplier with every shipment.
ODOR FLAVOR & COLOR:Odor: Odorless / Flavor: Neutral (can have nutty undertones which is characteristic of a refined oil) /Color: (refined) Light yellow with hints of green (can vary lighter or darker due to season variance from harvest)
CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS:Each shipment to include certificate.
Average Analysis:
Specific Gravity (20° C)0.912 – 0.923
Refractive Index (20° C)1.468 – 1.476
Free Fatty Acid (ffa) %.1 max
Humidity %< 0.005
Insoluble impurities %< 0.05
Iodine value75 – 95
Peroxide value< 5
Saponification value187 – 197
Fatty Acid Composition (%):
Saturated fatty acids< C 16:02 % max
Palmitic acidC 16:05 – 25 %
Palmitoleic acidC 16:11 – 12 %
Stearic acidC 18:03.0 % max
Oleic acidC 18:150 – 74 %
Linoleic acidC 18:26 – 20 %
Linolenic acidC 18:33 % max
Other fatty acid1 % max
USAGE:Mild and skin softening, Avocado Oil is one of the major bases for many cosmetic skin and body care products (bath lotions, skin moisteners, creams, soaps, etc.). Also used as fine food oil. It is suitable for marinades and fresh salads
STORAGE:Best stored in full containers, nitrogen blanketed, light protected and not above room temperature
SHELF LIFE:24 months from date of packaging. Once opened, to be stored in a cool place, nitrogen blanketed and to be used within 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the quality needed

Avocado Oil Production