Quiet July – Ahead of Significant August events


UPDATES- Tariffs (CBS – NY)/ Informal INTERVENTION / SOI / Price Variations


Market and Tariff Update

Expoliva Spain 2019

End of Crop in Spain — Finally


Update on Tariffs and FSMA



Hola from Spain, Can anyone make it rain?

New Harvest – More Oil – More Questions

Winter Updates

End of Production Near

Market Sliding Sideways

Jump Start New Year – January 2019

Happy New Year

Nutcracker – Olive Oil Version

New Crop Still Delayed in Spain

November Update – Happy Thanksgiving

November 5th 2018 – New Crop Brewing

Update Sept 21 SIAL

October 18 2018

Heading Into New Crop

Sum – Sum Summer Time in the Olive Oil Industry

Market Chaos

What a Difference 45 days makes!

Happy New Year – Almost

On your MARK, get Ready, NOW WHAT?

Summer Over – Balancing Act to Follow

Hot Summer – Still in Limbo

New Level of Price – Can it continue?

More of the Same

Name of the Game – Consumption

Delay – Delay – Delay – then Chaos

Will it be a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays?

Decision Time 2016 – NO not that decision

Market Formulating as we enter Fall

Summer Break leading into Fall Decisions

Simple Math – or New Math (part 2)

Simple Math – or New Math

Lull in the Action

Decision Time 2016

Rubber Meets the Road

Rain – All Roads lead to Spain

ALMOST THERE – Start of 2016 Season

ANUGA – Good Start

Heading Into HOME Stretch

Running on EMPTY – Olive Oil Stocks

No Where to Turn

Hard Choices – Where to turn?

Long Year – No Place to Run/Hide

Psychological Warfare – Spring 2015

What To Do?

Decision Time 2014 – Olive Oil Style

New Crop Rising

Return of the Newsletter

A Little Premature – The Never Ending Crop

Is the Season Over Yet?

Tis the SEASON – Almost

Race to the Starting Line

Stalemate – Gridlock

Light at the end of the Tunnel – Or is it oncoming Train?

Reality vs. Perception – PART THREE

April Fool – Supplier or Importer on wrong end of the Prank?

End Of Crop – Decisions To Be Made

Short Month Just Completed, BIG Decisions To Be Made