Olive Oil is 95 % of what we do at AMD OIL SALES, LLC. Since our inception in 1997 through today, 95% of what we do involves bringing the best quality olive oil from all over the world and distributing it to the U.S. market.

Logistics has become a major component of our success. Supply-chain integrity is no longer just a “catch” phrase. In today’s global market, every company needs to be able to substantiate not only the olive oil but also the producer, the companies who handle the logistics in the port of loading, the steamship lines, and, of course, the firms that handle the goods upon arrival here in the United States. You can be sure AMD meets and exceeds these expectations of security. We have on record HAACP or ISO certification with all of our vendors. We have our own Bio Terrorism record-keeping database.

I/We personally visit each plant annually to inspect and meet with the producers face-to-face in order to establish direct relationships. Each year we check for updates to sourcing, crushing, production, analysis, and production facilities. The market place is getting smaller; therefore, first-hand discussions/experience regarding how to best service the U.S. market is becoming more of a requirement than a recommendation.

Vital to our success are commitment to quality control and truth in labeling. We do not give ambiguous certificates of origin, analysis or country of origin. Each shipment is accompanied by a certificate of analysis from the producer’s lab, plus a large percentage of the time a certificate confirming quality from a third-part IOOC lab is included. A certificate of origin is part of the import process and is available for any shipment we make. All of our packaging is truthfully labeled, with product designation and exact country of origin notification. There are no ambiguous statements.

Every client of ours is important. Whether you are receiving delivery of one bottle, one gallon, one drum, one tote, or one tanker of olive oil, it is our mission to deliver to you with service, quality and dependability. We can deliver to 80% of the locations in the United States the next day – cases, drums, totes, or tankers of olive oil. Give us a try. You will not be disappointed.