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In December 1996, on a plane from Ayvalik to Istanbul, three friends decided to join together and start sourcing, distributing, and financing industrial, commercial grade bulk olive oil in the United States.  Individually, each of us already imported olive oil, but collectively we could synergize to streamline sourcing and distribute larger volumes of bulk olive oil. It was during that trip when AMD Oil Sales LLC was born.

In July 1997, AMD Oil Sales LLC opened its doors. The market had sought a focused approach to bulk olive oil imports, and AMD was able to finally meet that need. Suppliers came on board and enabled this new venture to mature and grow, further supporting the growth of AMD. By September 1997, we were hiring additional team members to handle the increasing volume/demand.

Beyond bulk, AMD has also expanded its distribution to retail size items. Today, equipped with a full quality assurance program, AMD Oil Sales LLC is the largest olive oil importer dedicated to the delivery of bulk olive oil nationwide.

Our family is also comprised of AMD Special Oil LLC, formed in 2004, and AMD Food Sales, formed in 2009.  AMD Special Oil distributes additional SPECIALTY vegetable oils both domestically and internationally.  AMD Food Sales, headed by a long time business colleague of over 30 years, sells processed food products and olive oil in the ethnic distribution market.

Together, the AMD Group is committed to elevating the distribution of bulk oils both in the US and globally.


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